Welcome. I’m Kevin Gault


I knew my life was changing a couple of years ago. I had already started working on my internal self. Shadows I’ve had for decades, self worth issues, loving myself more and finding what I truly want from this lifetime we decided to take part in.

After leaving a career in music engineering/producing, which I loved, I let life lead me into my next chapter. I went to work on a community farm to close the last chapter and begin the next. Here, I started my YouTube channel The Healthy Masculine Movement. I interviewed former coaches I had worked with. It was my way of beginning this next chapter, my first step, leaning forward.

I had already started a Men’s Group in Vancouver, BC, but now I was ready to spend more time sharing and leading more Men. I began more groups and expanding into 1 on 1 coaching as well as working with Robert Glover.

Cut to the present and I find myself speaking about Healthy Masculinity, going into high schools teaching teenage boys about assertiveness, consent and how to be a Solid Guy and running support groups for anyone in need.

I know this support is needed in the world and I am grateful to people showing up with their vulnerable selves. I will keep doing the same!

  • I am a certified NMMNG coach under Dr. Robert Glover, renowned for his book "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and the founder of Total Personal Integration (TPI) University. Dr. Glover stands as a prominent figure in the realm of self-improvement. I'm honored to consider him both a mentor and a friend.
  • Studied with John Wineland on his Path of the King program and The Dance of the Masculine & Feminine.
  • Completed the Conscious Relationship Training (CRT) program with Phil T Mistleberger.
  • Worked as a Behavioral Interventionist. Supported children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
  • Studied at Douglas College - Autism Outreach Training Program.
  • Graduate of the Mankind Project: New Warrior Training (NWTA).
  • Tantra Training 1 with Homa & Mukto.