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I knew I was meant for more…
that I had a bigger purpose. I wasn’t sure how to get out of the patterns I was in. There was so much I didn’t know I didn’t know. Now 15 years later, I’m here to help make your journey faster and easier


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Confidence with Women

You want to feel confident and wanted by women. You desire to feel worthy of their attention and affection. To feel that your nervousness is actually appreciated by them. You want to know that you don't always have to be at your best to be loved. To believe that you have interesting things to say. To feel that you genuinely deserve the love and connection of the women you are attracted to.

Our sexual energy is the strongest energy we have. If you keep ejaculating it away, you won’t have the drive to thrive in any environment. Consciously deciding to put our sexual energy into projects and purpose, is a sure fire way to succeed. With some daily exercises, I will show you the focus to choose how you want to use this powerful Energy and you will attract great things and people to your life!

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Become MoneyWise

You have the thought/feeling you don't know how to use your money. It is boring and foreign to you. You have no real desire to spend time learning how to use your money. That somehow money is evil or for shallow people.

Becoming Money Wise and what it is doing for you will bring you more money and it will grow on itself. This will bring a base level of confidence into your life that strengthens your foundation in all aspects. Money is a tool, not good or evil, a tool to live life. Make the money you already have work for you. Feel assured that your money will be there for your future.

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I'm Kevin Gault

I travelled the world with a job I loved. I travelled to lands I never thought I would, made good money and had exciting relationships along the way. But there was something I was still looking for, so my journey went inward. This journey has been giving me what I’ve always wanted: Inner Resilience & Peace, Life Focus, and General Confidence.

I have spent the last 15 years rebuilding myself, my life and my purpose. I am grateful to help you create the life you’ve want, in less time and with less pain.

If you’re looking for new possibilities in your life… let's chat.

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What Men are saying about Kevin and HMM


Before I was a part of the Healthy Masculine Movement group I was feeling somewhat aimless and deflated in terms of seeking a deeper purpose in life. I was content with cruising along with the familiar and secure life I had. As we progressed through a year of meeting up and being accountable to each other I sensed a growth in my motivation to reach for attainable goals that lined the path to newness, wholeness and integrity. I was building trust in myself. This group has nurtured my spirit and given me support along the path to building the best version of me and being filled with self-love and self-compassion as I take these steps.

Mark // Vancouver, BC //
Screen Shot 2024-01-09 at 8.41.36 PM.png

Having never participated in a men’s group before I was not sure what to expect. I found it insightful to undertake activities that fostered both mental and physical well-being. Meaningfully sharing with the other men in the group helped built connections that men can often struggle with developing. Learning techniques for moving sexual energy around the body was a new experience and I will continue to practice aspects of this. This group is great for people who are willing to be open minded and looking to enhance their life in areas that are important to them and to gain confidence and techniques to improve their outlook.

Cam // Vancouver, B.C. //
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The simple act of having the opportunity to speak (with Men) what you are feeling is therapeutic. Happily surprised to learn the sex(ual energy) practices. The morning routine exercise has been great! I enjoyed working on my King Energy. I was able to see the vulnerability with other Men, being seen by other Men. Experiencing that you can change your mood with breathing and movement exercises. I became closer and made friendships. I really commend you (Kevin) for doing this work and how passionate you are about this, it is inspiring.

Alireza // Vancouver, B.C. //
Screen Shot 2024-01-06 at 1.40.37 PM.png

What I really liked in this men’s group was the emphasis on sexual energy awareness and relationships.  It was great to get more comfortable talking about these things we often hide from each other as Men. I really appreciated the honestly vulnerable way Kevin set the tone inviting us to get self compassionately raw and real about it. I noticed feeling more calm and confident about those topics afterwards. I enjoyed the many physical and energetic exercises as well as the playful and serious partner practices we did.  Made for a very dynamic experience. The emphasis on consistent practices really helped me anchor my morning practice and strike a balance between discipline and enjoyable playfulness. I recommend this for men who want to level up their self awareness, become more confident in intimacy with women and find connection with other men who are sincere and serious about pursuing their purposeful goals.

Chaitanya (Chay) // Shaughnessy, B.C. //
Screen Shot 2024-01-09 at 9.17.01 PM.png

The exercises were a huge part and doing them together with other Men was a huge boost. Being with Men that have the same intention was palpable. It’s the Iron sharpens Iron. Kevin is honest, his heart is in it. His leadership is on point and you can tell he is doing this for the betterment of Men. The Circle was very well structured and the energetic movement exercises were cool. I feel sexually more in control of my energy from before to after being in this group! This kind of (program) is for somebody who truly wants to reconnect with their Masculine.

Andre // Vancouver, Canada //
Screen Shot 2024-01-11 at 8.44.15 PM.png

Thank you Kevin for creating this space for men to get together to focus on what is important for our wellbeing. It was great meeting some new friends and generating powerful energy together. Taking the course pushed me to make changes to my daily routine that I had been wanting to make for a while but had never put in place.  I enjoyed having the space to own my strength as a man rather than focus on just the negative forces of masculinity and patriarchy. I have continued expanding on my daily practice that began from taking Kevin's course.  I would definitely recommend Kevin's course to other men who would like to spark changes in how they approach their own masculinity.

Doug // Vancouver, BC //
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